Top 5 Cities to Study Art Abroad

Would you like to move to another country and see how the life looks like there? If you’re an artistic soul, you can easily kill two birds with one stone. How? Move abroad and get your Arts degree there! It’s super simple because art doesn’t recognise language barriers – even if not all of your future professors can speak perfect English, it shouldn’t be a problem. Choosing a destination can be a tough decision, though. Especially if you haven’t travelled a lot before. Ideally, you should spend some time in a foreign country, before deciding on moving your whole life there.

shutterstock_460501171Asian culture and the art of orient

Moving as far as to Asia can be very challenging. Getting all the paperwork (visas, permits, admissions, etc.) done, getting a room, organising the trip – all that can be confusing, but that’s the last step on your route. Before that, there’s another task: choosing the right school. One of the most often recommended cities in Asia, where you can study Arts, is Tokyo in Japan, where tradition mixes with the modern world. The other place you should consider is Bejing in China. If you don’t want to have to do all by yourself, contact SchoolApply – they are really helpful and friendly.

Don’t want to go that far from home?

If you’d rather not put 20,000 miles between you and your fatherland, focus on the European schools. The best of them are awaiting you in Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Florence and London. Which one to choose? Paris – it’s the world’s capital of art and artists. You can find hundreds of available Arts courses there, but what’s even more important – the capital of France is a home to more than 100 museums and art galleries. Main of them – the Louvre – is the most visited museum in the whole world! There’re over 35,000 objects in the Louvre’s collections, and as a student, you will be able to access them free of charge.