Sponsorships for Artists

Arts Trust Scotland has been operating for a while now, offering studio spaces for artists, designers, sculptors, designers, dancers and actors, which are at the beginning of their career. The community exists mainly to provide the correct environment for growing and learning from not only the experience of the others, but also for experimentation. The majority of artists at the beginning of their career need an extra hand either to perfect their technique, or to be sustainedlogo-one-art-nation financially in order to have the time to experiment as much it is necessarily, in order to develop a personal style and to become known in their community.

The Arts Trust Scotland offers many types of funding to artists: either grants, set up over a period of time, either by scholarships offered to follow studies at the university, or by providing space and free access to the facilities in the studio spaces. Arts Trust Scotland covers all the costs for the administration of the studio and it provides a head start to exceptional artists. The many partnerships it has with the exhibition spaces around the country provide a big opportunity for visibility to the most talented artists. The strong relationships built with the artists sponsored in the past, which have become consecrated is the best business card the Arts Trust has. These artists stand as a witness for the success and the progress of the Arts Trust. The new beneficiaries of the grants, the scholarship or working in the studios receive much advice and much support from the successful cases, during the weekly and monthly meetings in the community.

The exhibitions and the open days of the studio offer insight on the process of receiving the grant, the artistic development and the possible outcome one artist might have. The artistic community at Arts Trust is constantly expanding and it welcomes the artists eager to work on their skills.