Previous Sponsored Artists Stories

Mary is one of the first successful stories of Arts Trust Scotland arts therapy. It has helped into discovering the hidden passion about arts and improving her emotional stability. Her communication skills improved along with the rise of positivism in her mood. Her parents sometimes sit classes with her, as they find it useful for relieving stress.

John has been attending the painting and sculpture classes from the age of 12. Now he is in the first year at the University of Fine Arts, studying painting. He is financially assisted by the Arts Trust Scotland. In his spare time, he is always present at the studio, improving and perfecting his techniques, understanding the volumes of objects, in the sculpture class, and applying its observations and findings in his beautiful paintings.

Alastair was already a graduate of the Design University. He was a certified designer when he enrolled to perfect his technique, skills and knowledge in the Arts Trust Scotland. After only a few months, he became a real help for the artists joining the design class. After a little time as assistant, he has now become a full time teacher in the arts of design, instructing and helping young artists as he was a few years back.abstract-doodle-14418864644bf

Jan approached Arts Trust Scotland with the idea of creating two classes dedicated to modern dance arts and contemporary theater performance. He has studied ballet and modern dance, and his working style has attracted many dancers who wanted to learn to express themselves through movement.

Christine has finished the ceramics specialization at the art university, sponsored by the Arts Trust Scotland. With some additional funds, she has opened her tiny gallery, where she holds periodical exhibitions for the most talented people in the studio.

These and many other beautiful stories of ambition exist in the studio and offering funding opportunities.