Persuading, Fact-Based Grant Proposals to Governments and Corporations

how-to-persuade-people-without-alienating-them-1200x675A grant is requested for funding in a project that aims to improve lives in one way or the other. Therefore, it should convince the receiver that it would do what has been outlined as the objective. To achieve this, the grant must follow the points described as follows.

Convince The Reader

Your grant must sound convincing and assure the corporation or government that you will address the needs that arise. Your budget must be achievable and your goals measurable. This is achieved through strategies and activities that are planned meticulously.

What will make the proposal even more convincing is that the assurance is unique.

Appeal to the Emotions

You need to tell a relevant story that will appeal to the corporation or government and mentioning real-life stories will go a long way in achieving this.

The word selection also plays a huge role in appealing to the financiers’ emotions. The diction does not just revolve around words; it is also encompassed in the ability to invoke passion and interest in being part of the project. The need to appeal to the emotion, however, should not override the importance of only issuing facts and well-researched information.


Some governments or corporations may require special formatting; a violation of this rule may place your proposal at a disadvantage. Organization is key. For companies that require a specific size, be precise and straight to the point, without veering off too much from the main discussion topic.


Ensure in seeking funding for your project you do not discredit other institutions that may have taken up projects in the same field as you.

Be sure to position yourself at an advantage point by presenting yourself as reliable, intelligent and a problem solver.

The Financier

The financier will respond according to the way you present yourself. Therefore, ensure you come across as one who understands both yours and the financier’s roles by drawing boundaries between the priorities of each party.