Organizing Fundraising Campaigns:Identifying and Approaching Donors,Businesses and Alumni

scientific_Social Community05Fundraising campaigns have become popular among many organizations seeking funds to run an individual project or program.

When planning for the fundraiser, you need to mobilize fundraisers, communicate with the fundraisers, and keep engaging as the campaign unfolds. You can rely on valuable information for

organizing a fundraising campaign. Here are some of the steps taken when preparing for a fundraiser:

Identifying Potential Donors, Businesses, and Alumni

Your organization can access a broad range of personal and professional connections through employees and volunteers. By using these networks, it is an effective way of identifying those who wish to fund, and with established personal relationships it makes it easier to get funding. You may approach donors through people you know, or businesses owned by those people you have contact with or have studied with them some time back.

Develop a list of prospective funders and sort them according to the quality of your interactions with them. After that, make contacts with the prospects you believe can give the funding and must have that ability. You can look for prospective donors from the following list:

  • Acquaintances of present donors
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Further connections could be: Chamber of commerce directories, local businesses, places of worship, personal telephone books

Approaching Potential Donors, Businesses, and Alumni

After identifying your potential funders, you need to approach them. When seeking for funding, always remember to clearly define how the funds will better serve and contribute towards your community.

Explain to the donors how wonderful the program or forum you will run is and how it may also benefit them. Here are few of the approaches you can use to get to funders:

  • Instead of just sending letters and emails, visit them in person. It will command an instant attention.
  • Clearly and concisely articulate your ideas. If asking for money, tell them the purpose, how much you need and a financial breakdown of the project or program.
  • You should be ready to contribute the little you can, this shows that you believe in the cause and demonstrates credibility.