How State Schools Undervalue Art and Its Impact on Students

348925-state-schoolAny society should value art; it allows you to convey feelings which cannot be easily expressed otherwise. By learning about art, students gain aesthetic pleasure which is priceless and possibly an enriching exercise. Through art there is music, movies, drama and much more, it has the capability to lift your spirit and is integral to unwinding after a hectic day at the office. At, you can read a lot about art.

How Schools Undervalue Art Programs?

The government and state schools don’t value art, and over the years, there has been a drop in funding towards arts programs. The schools have cut down the number of teaching hours for art courses. Also, due to the reluctance of schools to further the cause, there have been a reduced number of teachers employed in the field. Parents may also discourage their children from enrolling into art courses due to the notion that science-related programs are more rewarding than art. Students who choose other programs advance into careers that they could easily qualify for like tax credits, hence discouraging students from pursuing art courses.

How Undervaluing of Art programs Hinders Students?

The amount of money earned by those engaged in art infused fields has been on the decline over the years due to lack of appreciation for art which tends to limit its development. Some government education officials have in the past discouraged students from taking art programs arguing that art degrees damage their career prospects, hence reducing the number of students willing to pursue art.

Due to limited availability of art teachers, these teachers have been overburdened working far more than they should resulting in poorer performance. The poor funding of art programs of schools by the government has forced schools to acquire services of unqualified teachers to teach which has impacted the students negatively, hindering their growth in the field of art.