Funds Department Finder

The funding opportunities are available for the majority of arts disciplines. They are given to beginners, passionate, emerging artists, already established authors. The grants are offered on many levels, for many disciplines. Find the disdrawing_and_painting_1024x683cipline that bests suits you:

  • The craft sections aims to teach the secrets of pastime professions. The highest skills in this section are obtained after many years of perfection. Craftsmen or artisans are the ones who keep alive the pastime spirit, but have built timeless art pieces. The resulted objects are processed using very simple tools, and are entirely made by hand.
  • Dance section is one of the most beautiful performance arts. Each part of the motion has a symbolism and a unique aesthetic. Only the most educated observers can decode all the hidden messages in the repertoire. It can have many influences, depending on the choreography it can express sacred, social or ceremonial messages.
  • Theater is the evolution of dance, the actors impersonating different characters through live performances. It requires good lingual and diction, gestural, dance or singing. Theater performance can not only express classical plays, but also modern and minimalist ones.
  • Painting is a big area; it can have many branches and express many styles, with various techniques. It can be applied with brushes, knives, airbrushes, sponges, even with the hand or other creative tools and methods. As style, it can be hyper realistic, surrealistic, cubist, impressionistic, symbolic, emotive and much more.
  • Sculpture is the three dimensional side of visual arts. As a technique, it is carved out of a material in modeling techniques. Sculpture in valuable materials, such as marble, metal has a long life span that can survive centuries.
  • Design is the modern creation that emerged from sculptures. It makes use of skills from many other fields, but at the end of the day, it creates functional objects usable in day to day life.