Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the artsjordan-azcune-with-his-painting-1024x578 important?

The artistic sector has the power to influence, educate and help people overcome their negative feelings, even help them overcome disease. The artists are the voice of the people; they reflect the joys, sorrows and problems of the society. Also, arts have the power to foresee and predict the changes that will happen in the future, even prevent or invent.

Why apply for funding?

Art is a beautiful sector and it is a joy to be able to practice either one of its branches, on a beginner, advanced or professional level. There are many talented artists who are obliged to let go off their passions because of the lack of funding. Arts Trust Scotland wants to offer a hand to those talents that can influence positively the society.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is interested in any type of art can find its place and a proper funding for its needs. There are many sponsorship programs that can fit almost anyone:

  • anyone who wishes to learn the basics of arts can enroll in the specialized course at the Arts Trust Scotland studio. Children and adults can both experiment art therapy or any other artistic program which keep their interest.
  • established artists can hold motivational speeches or even instruct anyone interested in learning their technique.
  • arts student can apply for an annual scholarship grant in order to follow the higher artistic education.
  • graduates can apply for a place of their own in the studio, where they can practice their skills and cooperate with the artists that create there.

What are the application requirement?

The application process is different for each individual group. It might vary from filling a membership paper to the most complex admission dossier, composed of portfolio, motivational letter, proof of admission, recommendation letter.