Here you will find a collection of articles related to arts, funding program and possibilities. Sponsorship for artists’ page briefs shortly about the scenario at Arts Trust Scotland: types of grants and community environment.

Purpose of arts funding is related to the influence of the artistic production and the moral education it provides to the wide public. Art can not only be used as a healing program for emotional problems, but also for diseases, such as heart problems or influenza.

General admission eligibility describes the types of age and social group that can profit from the Arts Trust Scotland funding. People from many groups can take part in the arts program, starting with children, beginners in the arts education and students, established artists or graduate students.

The “how to apply” section describes the application process valid for each fund category. For beginners, the process is very simple, while for arts students, the demand implies a portfolio, recommendation letter and official admission letter or proof of attendance.

Previous sponsored artists’ stories present some of the most successful examples from the Arts Trust Scotland funds program in existence. These examples exist to inspire other to become like Christine, which opened her own gallery after having finished her sponsored studies; Jan, which funded the modern dance arts and contemporary theater classes or Alastair, a graduate attending the studio, which became a full time teacher at the studio.

Arts and innovation section tries to stimulate the appetite for innovation and society changes through investment in the arts sector. The ability of seeing things from a different perspective can help solve many of the problems our contemporary society faces.

Funds department finder describes the department division for funding. The frequently asked question answers some of the most common ambiguities people have regarding Arts Trust Scotland.