Arts and Innovation

The impact of arts cannot always be seen immediately, this being the reason that arts budgets are the first ones to be cut. Not everyone can observe the arts’ influence over society, but this beautiful domain should be amongst the first to invest in. The investment in the art sectors had declined by almostdownload a third. Some of the effects are visible right now; some will be seen in the near future.

In the 70s and 80s, water pollution was a huge issue. After a manifesto was signed, many pipes dumping toxic waste into the waters were shut down. Now, the problem is even bigger, but not only by the polluters in the industry, but by regular citizens. No one is aware of the remaining water deposits, or the personal stock of water each person has. Apart from this problem, the world is facing many more problems regarding pollution, transportation, overpopulation. Each one of the changes that can improve the situation has to start with the people living in the communities. Food stocks are running low, the economy is on a descent curve, fuel is about to run out. All these dramatic problems are becoming more and more acute.

While, in the past, the official institutions have been game changers, nowadays the ordinary people have this power in their hands. This is why not only arts, but also culture is necessary. The fields foster the ability to innovate, imagine, and change. Art transcends the lingual barriers, uniting people from across the globe. Arts unite at a spiritual and emotional level.

Artists have the ability to see things from a different perspective; they can foster the imagination and transform it into reality, they are part of the progress. This is the reason artists play a crucial role in the society and this domain should be looked at as a necessity, not as a caprice.