Arts and Innovation

The impact of arts cannot always be seen immediately, this being the reason that arts budgets are the first ones to be cut. Not everyone can observe the

Funds Department Finder

The funding opportunities are available for the majority of arts disciplines. They are given to beginners, passionate, emerging artists, already established authors. The grants are offered on many

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the arts important? The artistic sector has the power to influence, educate and help people overcome their negative feelings, even help them overcome disease. The artists are

Sponsorships for Artists

Arts Trust Scotland has been operating for a while now, offering studio spaces for artists, designers, sculptors, designers, dancers and actors, which are at the beginning of their

Purpose of Art Funding

The idea of investing in arts is related to the idea that the artistic production and the artists provide a good education and moral influence to its public

How to Apply

The application process varies on the discipline and on the type of scholarship or sponsorship that one desires to achieve. Some are as easy as just filling a